Air & Rail

Making Air Reservations

For federally funded travel, use of any other source for purchasing business travel requires same-day documentation—obtained from Travel OnLion or Anthony Travel—verifying that the lowest available airfare was obtained. Each administrative area may have local procedures affecting travel arrangement and reimbursement. Before booking travel, please check to be sure you are following established guidelines and procedures in your area. Penn State travelers making air reservations can log on to Travel OnLion or Anthony Travel, contact a travel agency, or book through an outside booking site. Southwest Airlines tickets can be booked at Penn State's Southwest website.  (Southwest Company ID 99714462) The University has discounted pricing agreements with Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and American Airlines as well. This discounting is available only when reservations are made through Travel OnLion or Anthony Travel.

Making Rail Reservations

For domestic travel, travelers may book their own rail tickets at the Amtrak website. For international rail tickets, travelers may book their own tickets online at the International Rail website.

Group Travel

When making reservations for groups of ten or more, please contact Anthony Travel.

Payment & Reimbursement

Airline and rail tickets are direct-billed to the University either with the traveler or department’s Purchasing Card.

Travelers must submit the original passenger’s receipt from the airline or rail ticket with a Checklist for ERS Travel upon returning from the trip. If an IBIS Special Request for Check (SRFC) is used for travel expense reimbursement, it must be submitted within five days after completion of the trip.