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Help on Booking Group Travel

Unfortunately, group travel cannot be booked through Travel OnLion or the Travel OnLion Staff. However, below is some guidance for booking group travel:

Airlines consider a group ten passengers or more.

The first step is to get pricing for your group directly from the airlines, shop early for the best prices. Once you get the price and schedule you want, the airlines will allow you to hold the space for 14 days while you get approval from the travelers.

Once you receive approval from the travelers you will be required to pay a deposit, $50-$200 per passenger, to hold the space. This deposit will then be applied to the ticket price or returned as a refund to your purchasing card after the trip is complete depending on the airline.

Names and birth dates will not be needed until 30, 45 or 60 days prior to travel. Once the names and birth dates are added to the reservation you are permitted one name change 72 hours prior to departure per ticket for no additional fees. It's a good idea to have someone on deck who will replace any cancellations.

One group fare for all passengers booked together.

Cut-off dates, like the utilization date and when the final payment and names will be due, will be supplied by the airlines.

There will typically be an additional cost of $25 per ticket charged by the airlines for a ticketing service fee.

The tickets will be electronic.

Advance seat assignments will be assigned.

Frequent flyer numbers may be used.

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