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New Partnership for Travel Document Services

We are proud to announce a partnership with A Briggs visas, the preferred provider of travel document service for Penn State University students, faculty and employees. A Briggs is the leading global provider of travel visa and passport services. The agreement with A Briggs provides several benefits to Penn State University employees, students and faculty requiring visas, passport renewals or other travel document services.

* A discount on service fees, and discounts on rush fees.

* Market leader, 75% of Fortune 500 trust CIBT/A Briggs

* Global Reach, Local Expertise: 14 North American offices, 30 European and Asian offices

* Wholly owned and operated, no outsourcing, no data selling

* FCPA compliant

* Secure technology, safe transactions

* Dedicated Account Management

* Live Customer Care 12 hours, Mon-Fri; e-support Sat-Sun.

* Real time order tracking 24/7

* Measured customer satisfaction exceeding 98%.

CIBT looks forward to assisting you and your organization to fulfill your travel document needs easily, securely, and quickly.

Summary of your account information:
A Briggs Account Number for Penn State: 500052

Direct Link to CIBT:

Email: (email support provided 7 days/week)

Customer Care Team: 800-929-2428

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday; 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Central)