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Anthony Travel is Preferred Travel Agency for Penn State Employees

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Penn State has contracted with Anthony Travel to provide University-wide services for students, faculty, and staff. Since August, Anthony Travel is now the preferred travel agency for University-paid business trips involving hotel, airfare, and non-fleet car rental services.

Booking with Anthony Travel provides many benefits, including the following:

* Access to an after-hours (24/7) service so travelers can quickly resolve issues when on the road outside of normal business hours

* No comparisons needed when requesting travel reimbursement since Anthony Travel is the University's approved travel agency

* No booking fees

* Access to deeper discounts through Anthony Travel's vast international network of travel industry partners

* A dedicated account team from Anthony Travel that supports Penn State travelers' requests during the University's business hours and mirrors Penn State's holiday schedule

Penn State employees are strongly encouraged to use Anthony Travel when booking University-paid travel. Although travelers may find less expensive options if they shop around, the search process takes extra time and effort, and outside agencies don't provide the full service offered by Anthony Travel.

Anthony Travel leverages years of travel coordination experience at the local, national, and international levels. The company offers a variety of travel options and cost-cutting solutions, such as hotel arrangements, ground transportation assistance, and group air savings.

Visit for more information on Anthony Travel and the company's various university-related partnerships.