Rental Cars

Penn State Fleet

When leaving from University Park, the first choice for rental cars should be Penn State Fleet.  Fleet benefits include:

  • Evening and weekend vehicle pickup
  • No-charge on-site parking and Campus Shuttle service to Fleet
  • E-ZPass transponders
  • Direct billed rental rates and toll charges

National and Enterprise Contract

The Penn State National and Enterprise Car Rental corporate ID discount numbers will be changing effective November 1, 2021 as part of the new Big Ten agreement.  Travelers will need to update their National/Enterprise profiles in Travel OnLion and/or the Penn State National/Enterprise booking site by November 1st.  The new numbers can be found by logging into the National/Enterprise Car Rental Sharepoint site.  Some travelers may need to update their Emerald Club number or re-enroll once logged in.

The Big Ten has contracted with National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car for domestic and international car and commercial truck rentals.   Penn State employees are also eligible for no-fee membership in National’s Emerald Club. Travelers are encouraged to book car rentals at Travel OnLion or directly with National and Enterprise Car Rental.


Please note that only eligible renters may access the National and Enterprise Car Rental site to make reservations. 

Eligible renters for business use are defined as:

  • Any University employee or student on official business
  • Consultants and contractors renting on behalf of the instiution

Please see University Policy BS20, University Vehicle Operations or Use for additional information governing the user of motor vehicles on University business.

Eligible renters for non-business use are defined as:

  • Any University employee for personal use only
  • Student organizations or clubs
  • Intramural sports organizations or clubs

All employees must be paid through Workday. 

Student organizations, intramural sports and club use is only applicable when rental is being used to represent the organization or club.

Non-business use rates do not include physical damage or 3rd party liability

Eligible renters are required to provide evidence of eligibility at the time of rental.

The program is extended to students age 18 and older for business rentals only. Students must present a letter of authorization signed by the renter's supervisor, on University letterhead, which states the purpose of the rental and specifically indicates the vehicle will be used for an University business.  Students age 18-20 are restricted to rentals of economy, compact, midsize/intermediate, standard, full size, minivan, and intermediate/midsize/standard SUV vehicle classes. 

Additional drivers added to a student employee personal reservation must also be University employees with the exception of spouses.  The additional drivers must show proof of employment at the rental counter.

Consultants and contractors will be extended all rates and conditions of the contract as long as the rental is reimbursed in whole or in part by the University. The traveler will be required to carry a letter from the University identifying him/her as eligible.

For questions related to eligibility, please contact [email protected]